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CRYSTAL® Chemistry

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Chemistry to Meet All of Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Over 25 years ago, our founder, Dick Whittaker, pioneered the development of the low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning method as a revolutionary alternative to the disruptive, inefficient, expensive and sticky residue cleaning systems commonly used to clean commercial carpet. This development led to the proprietary encapsulation carpet cleaning chemical knows as CRYSTAL DRY®.

Whittaker recommends a comprehensive carpet maintenance program for the proper care of a facility's most abused asset - its carpet. Our integrated four step maintenance process prevents the buildup of sticky chemical residues and soil, protecting the color and appearance of expensive, carefully chosen carpets: Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative Cleaning. Using the CRYSTAL DRY® formula, Whittaker has developed a comprehensive suite of carpet cleaning chemistry for each step in the process. From Daily Spotting to Interim Cleaning to Deep Restorative Cleaning, Whittaker has the right CRYSTAL® Chemistry for you. View our Carpet Cleaning Guide to find out which type of Chemistry to use on different spots and stains.

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Carpet life is generally determined by how quickly a carpet visually deteriorates, and poor visual appearance often limits carpet life to five years or less. Encapsulation cleaning maintains carpet appearance between annual restorative cleanings, resulting in long term cost savings for facilities. Carpets cleaned with Whittaker Smart Care® Systems are up to 21 times visually cleaner than when vacuuming alone is performed. In addition, after ‘restoration cleaning’ using hot water extraction equipment, the recovery of the carpet regularly maintained with CRYSTAL® Chemistry is significantly better than that which does not have the benefit of Whittaker’s interim maintenance. Low-moisture encapsulation cleaning provides the added benefits of increased productivity and fast dry times. Carpet is dry in as little as 20 minutes, so you do not experience long facility down times. Learn more about encapsulation carpet cleaning on the Whittaker System Blog:

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