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Smart Care® TRIO Brushes

Brushes of various stiffnesses are available for your Smart Care® TRIO machine.  Each TRIO has three (3) brushes, including two (2) outer brushes and one (1) center brush.  All three brushes installed must be the same stiffness.  Depending on the application, different bristle stiffnesses are available.  TRIO brushes are color coded for easy identification.  WHITE - Soft bristle for use on wool, staple cut or extra deep pile.  GRAY - Medium/standard bristle for use on commercial grade carpets, including level loop or low cut pile.  BLACK - Stiff bristle for use on matted commercial grade carpet.  Not for regular use, only for periodic heavy pile lifting.  


Note: Price is per brush.  TRIO machines require three brushes (two outer and one center brush). 

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