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The Smart Care 20-inch Pro System offers a revolutionary way to manage commercial carpet cleaning. With the 20-inch TWIN machine, an ample supply of CRYSTAL® Chemistry, an adjustable handheld CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool and additional supplies, you have everything you need to consistently maintain carpet.

This System is well-suited for cleaning carpet in medium to large-sized facilities with fewer obstructed areas. The TWIN carpet agitator machine has two counter-rotating brushes to pull soils deep from within carpet fibers. Low moisture encapsulation forms a clear polymer around the soils, which employees can remove through vacuuming.

The CRYSTAL Chemistry line includes options for interim cleaning, deep cleaning and spot and stain removal. Unlike other methods, encapsulation does not leave sticky residues on carpet fibers that can further attract soils. This keeps carpet looking cleaner for longer. The chemistry is also dry within 20-30 minutes, enabling teams to reopen carpeted areas soon after cleaning.

Clean up to 10,800 sq. ft./hour with this System.


  • 20" Smart Care®Machine
  • One case of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA (enough for 48,000 sq. ft. of carpet)
  • Two extra brushes
  • Two-gallon electric applicatorr
  • CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool
  • One case of CRYSTAL SPOTTER®
  • One case of CRYSTAL® Quick Restore
  • One case of CRYSTAL® Specialty Spotters
Products specifications
Cleaning Width (Inches) 19
Number of Brushes 2
Productivity Rate (Square Feet/Hour) 10,800
Motor Wattage 800
Machine Weight (Lbs) 59
Solution Sprayer Type Integrated Automatic Sprayer
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